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New Wellbeing Guidelines

British Associations for Nutritional Therapy and Applied Nutrition (BANT) has updated the healthy diet and lifestyle guidelines for the public, replacing the over 20 year old Eatwell plate published by the UK government all those years ago. Nutritional research has moved forward with speed over the past 5 to 10 years and any responsible nutrition professional will follow the latest research and developments in the field to inform their recommendations.
The BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are evidence-based and a good basis for a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Wellness Solution guideline promotes generally healthy lifestyle and Fight the Fat & Beat the Bloat helping those that wish lose some weight and increase their energy levels.

Among other items the BANT guidelines tackle the publicised ’5 a day’ for fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately the UK average is still at below ’3 a day’ while the latest research suggests that the optimal is ’7 a day’ with minimum of 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit for general wellbeing and only 1 piece of fruit per day for those wishing to lose weight. Many other countries have already changed their recommendations to above ’5 a day’. The guidelines further address the lifestyle by providing high-level guidance on hydration, sleep, exercise and even supplementation. They also separate the different carbohydrates which has not been seen before – all carbs are not equal!

In short, the BANT Wellbeing Guidelines address some of the confusion around certain nutrients – such as healthy fats which include butter in moderation, differentiation between carbohydrates, 7 a day, eggs are good for you – providing the public a clear visual aid to understand how to adjust toward healthy diet and lifestyle. The guidelines can be further personalised by nutrition professionals to take into account individual circumstances, not to mention the potential that genomic testing gives us to truly provide personalised dietary and fitness recommendations!