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Waste Not

Estimated 30% of vegetables are not harvested in the UK due to their physical appearance. 30-50% of food produced around the world goes to waste every year, – mostly in Europe and the USA.

This is a huge waste of resources at all levels and highlights the poor marketing practices and consumer behaviour of our times. Think through the deals on offer, if you don’t have time to eat it or freeze it, don’t buy it and a kinky cucumber is as tasty as its straight cousin, and much more fun with the kids.┬áSee one of the many articles here!

Burning calories by running

By popular demand, below are few examples of the calories in the most typical drinks and approximately how long you need to run to burn off those calories. If you wish to walk off the calories, you need to double the running time and keep it brisk. Same applies to burgers and chocolate biscuits, so, best to think twice before you take an other bite if you are aiming to control your weight.

1 pint of beer (5%) = 2.8 units = 261 calories
This is about the same as an average burger.
Running time: 26 min

Large glass of red wine (12%) = 3 units = 200 calories
Large glass of white wine (13.5%) = 3.4 units = 200 calories
This is about the same as two chocolate digestive biscuits.
Running time: 20 min

Gin & Tonic, large single measure = 1.3 units = 128 calories
This is about the same as 1.5 chocolate digestive biscuits.
Running time: 13 min

You can visit Drinkaware for more information on drink related calories and tools.

Alcohol adds empty calories to your diet

Have you gained some extra pounds over the holidays? It is worth noting that it is not just the seasonal food excesses that cause this increase, calories from alcohol are a major contributor to increased weight.

wine glasses

For example, a large glass of wine contains over 170 calories, which is the same as eating two chocolate digestive biscuits. Calories from alcohol are what is called ‘empty’ calories since they have no or very limited nutritional value. With this lack of nutrition, weight gain and additional health impacts, it is wise to limit the alcohol intake to minimum and know the units of various drinks and your own limits.

Keep hydrated – keep well!

water in glass
Water…. 2/3 of our bodies consist of it, this makes water our most important nutrient. Among many uses of water, it is needed to provide shape and structure to our cells, to regulate our body temperature, and aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients. In a moderate climate, we should consume 1.5 – 2 litres of water every day. It can be achieved by drinking eight glasses of water. Fruit, vegetables, diluted juices, and fruit teas also count toward our water intake, for example, four portions of vegetables can provide up to half a litre of water.